Professional Microdermabrasion From the Comfort of Your Home

Your skin is your most prized possession. And it can be really easy to take care of. Most people overcomplicate their skincare routines, but with the right tools.

You can save time and effort and also enjoy glowing and healthy skin for years to come. You don’t have to be a skincare fanatic to do it right. 

Shop SelfCareKey’s popular skincare product, Brooklyn Personal Microdermabrasion Kit for only $39 for a limited time! 

The Benefits of our Personal Microdermabrasion Tool

Perfect for Beginners: Features different tips depending on pore need. Great for hard to reach areas. Experiment to find the one that fits your needs and remove blackheads, fine lines, and acne with ease. 

Brighten and Tighten: Brings a refreshed look upon a couple days of use, and tightens pores to reveal naturally smooth skin.

Improve Blood Circulation: Promotes re-growth of skin cells and assist in bringing blood flow to the face. 

Don't break the bank: Give yourself a facial, and avoid expensive salons. Enjoy product features such as deep clean, skin peel, and blackhead and acne removal. Professional level skincare at home! 

Safe Skincare: The gentle suction technology allows you to rest assured when you use this. It smooths and evens skin tone, reduces blemishes and leaves your skin looking and feeling vibrant. 


An easy to use skincare kit which you can use to deeply clean your pores, promote circulation and rejuvenate your skin. 

Serves as a vacuum for your blackheads and pores so your skin can look fresh and younger. The kit comes with 5 replaceable heads for varied use. Click here to learn more. 


  1. Add the tip that is best for the area you are looking to cleanse
  2. Wash your face with a cleanser and dry your face. 
  3. Pull the area that you want to clean tight 
  4. Place the device on your skin and go outwards. 
  5. Continue until your skin is clean.
  6. Clean the tip to avoid cross-contamination when you use next

For Best Results use once a week.

Why It Works: 

It has gentle suction technology that help reduce or remove your skin’s pores. This also works in turn to remove grime, oil, dirt and excess makeup off your skin return skin to that soft and supple look. The Brooklyn Personal Micro-Dermabrasion Kit works on even the most stubborn blackheads. 

About SelfcareKey: 

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