The Benefits of Gua Sha - The Hottest Skin Exfoliation Trend

The newest trend in improving blood circulation, and exfoliation is the gorgeous stone - Jade Gua Sha. This ancient Chinese skin healing technique is where the term GuaSha stems from, and it essentially involves scraping your skin with a stone tool to improve blood circulation. The stone is the superstar of the entire tool. The SelfCareKey Facial GuaSha tool uses natural Jade. This stone has been used for years since it is both strong and can withstand force but gentle for use on the face. 

The Origin of GuaSha

The GuaSha (pronounced “Gwah-Shah”) tool originally came from China. “Gua” translates to “scrape” in English and “Sha” translates to “sand.” In the past, the ancient Chinese used stones to rub body parts that were irritated, sore, or in pain. Since then, this technique has spread beyond China and helped people throughout the world treat various skin conditions. Today, GuaSha has gained popularity as a skincare tool. GuaSha stones are shaped to massage your skin, promote blood circulation, and release tension.

history of guasha

Types of GuaSha Stones

GuaSha can come in many different stones. If you’re curious about which stone is right for you, read below!
  • The most common GuaSha stone is rose quartz. Rose quartz is a light pink stone that rejuvenates your skin. It’s also related to the heart chakra which represents love and inner peace.
  • Another popular stone is jade. Jade is a forest green color and represents luck and prosperity. It helps produce collagen and promote lymphatic drainage. Note: Many people wonder if rose quartz or jade is better for GuaSha, but it's really up to you and your personal preference!
  • The Bian stone is also a great choice. It’s a black stone that is known to have anti-aging properties and reduce tension. The Bian stone represents the energy flowing throughout your mind and body.
  • If you're interested in learning more about GuaSha stones, click here!

Benefits of GuaSha for Your Body

GuaSha is known to reduce inflammation, treat chronic pain ailments, as well as other more serious health conditions. However, at home treatment is much simpler and meant for surface skin conditions (i.e. dry skin, mild acne, and dull skin). With the Jade Gua Sha, you can see improvements in your face and skin over time, with better coverage when it comes to product application, and an overall glow in the skin. With any serum of your choice, slowly move the GuaSha face tool across your face in a slow, steady motion as if you're massaging your face. A benefit of this GuaSha massage includes collecting facial oils and leftover debris. 

benefits of guasha stone

How to Use the GuaSha Exfoliation Tool

1. Place your clean facial tool in the fridge. It’s best to leave it in the fridge for 45 minutes or longer. While you could leave your GuaSha at room temperature, placing it in the fridge provides additional benefits. It helps prevent bacteria buildup and reduces puffiness. Also, the cool sensation feels great on your skin and is very relaxing.

Note: GuaSha is not the only tool you can keep cold -- you can put other skincare tools such as facial rollers in the fridge as well! That’s why we recommend using a skincare fridge. It gives you a place to store your skincare tools all in one place for easy and quick use.

2. Dot serum or face cream all over your face.

3. Gently move the tool around your face and its corners until the product is absorbed. We recommend using a mixture of long and short strokes across your skin. Be sure to find a GuaSha tool that fits the shape of your face and treats the area where you need it most. When using your GuaSha, use slow, upward strokes. It’s important not to go too fast or go back and forth since this could damage your skin.

Not sure where to use your GuaSha? No worries! Here are some of our favorite places to use it:
  • Cheeks: Massage your cheeks in an upward motion from the corner of your mouth to the top of your cheekbone.
  • Eyes: Trace the GuaSha from under your eye to the top of your cheekbone in a U shape.
  • Forehead: Use your GuaSha starting from above your eyebrows to the top of your forehead.

4. Clean properly with soap and water once you are done. Be careful when handling with water as it gets slippery! 

5. Enjoy your tightened skin!

How to Use GuaSha and a Roller

GuaSha is best used in accompaniment with other skin and face shaping tools (check out our Jade Double Sided Roller and Silicone Cleansing Brush) - as the stone’s rigid edges helps to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. We recommend daily use (whenever you'd like, but personally we think it's best after a shower) of the face sculpting tool to see overall improvement in face anywhere from 1-2 months of use. 

when to use guasha

For more in depth treatment and chronic conditions, GuaSha is definitely something to consider. Continued use will also help relax the skin on your face and relieve stress in facial muscles. To remove any dead skin, promote blood circulation, and achieve an overall glow in the face, we recommend the Jade Gua Sha.