Best Skincare Tools of 2020

Skincare Routine:

Featuring Valentina Gua Sha, Amber Vibrating Cleansing Tool, Peyton Mask Applicator, Serena Jade Roller

With Self Care Key’s beauty bundle featuring our Serena Natural Skin Roller, Peyton Facial Mask Silicone Brush, Amber Face Cleansing Silicone Brush, and Valentina Face Sculpting Tool, you can reach most potential with your skin, and get results that impress! 

These products are vital to the team’s everyday skincare routine and we can show you how to use these tools to maximize use and unleash full potential. Since I’m a morning kinda gal, I like to take care of all my skin practices early in the morning, to give me that boost from a groggy night of sleep. This can also be applied to any nightly routine, but below I’ll be featuring my morning skincare routine with my most tried and true Self Care Key beauty bundle!  

 When I wake up in the morning, I usually head straight to the bathroom and I feel more or less - disgusting. Unlike most people who feel refreshed in the morning, I tend to feel groggy and upset since it’s a little too early for me in the day. I like to start everyday by brushing my teeth and running the Valentina Sculpting Tool under cold water, and then applying this cold tool all over my face with no product.

This helps me open my eyes, and just gather shape to my face. Although you can use it with serum if you prefer, I enjoy taking in the bare minerals of the stone to help revitalize and awaken any parts of my skin that are particularly wrinkled or need extra help. I apply the sculpting tool and brush it throughout my face for a quick 30 seconds, while brushing my teeth. 

Afterwards, I head to the shower and soap up my Amber Face Cleansing Silicone Brush and let the vibrations do its thing! This really helps me awaken my skin and get my product all throughout every corner of my face. I also like to use this cleanser on parts of my body I feel like are slightly dry and need some exfoliation. From there, I quickly rinse, put it aside and finish up showering. 

Once I’ve gotten out of the shower, I apply my daily moisturizer all throughout my body. For my face I like to use the Peyton Facial Mask Silicone Brush since it gets to more sensitive parts of my face and skin that I normally don’t like to touch with my fingers. For instance, if I have an unfriendly acne bump, I’ll apply some ointment with the silicone brush, avoiding touching the zit completely.

I like to apply the rest of my lotion with Serena Natural Skin Roller, so I can help the moisturizer soak into my face completely. I also just love the way the skin roller feels on my face, since it's like an extra buffer before I smack my face with a beauty blender filled with foundation. 


Ahh - ready to take on the world! This whole routine tacks on an extra maybe 1-2 minutes at max, depending on if you like to multi-task, but it definitely makes a difference in how I feel throughout the day and it keeps me more awake and ready to take on my morning commute. 

I’ll cover my makeup routine in another blog post, but for now, definitely try out these facial tools - I know I wouldn’t be able to go back!

(Side Note: I like to cheat sometimes and apply foundation with my silicone brushes but I can’t help it! These tools feel really nice on your skin, and it’s the definition of treat yourself.)