This is the Year For Skincare: Best Skincare Tools for 2021

This coming year, 2021 has not just mine but all of our hopes up. A year of positivity, new and familiar faces, we’re all planning on making this year memorable. With all that being said, it’s important that our skin health is at its peak. 

Check out some of the best skincare tools for 2021 and why we can’t get through this next year without our ride or dies: 

Maisey Icice rollere Roller 

I seriously could not rave enough about this tool. Let’s just say that you will definitely see a drastic difference when you roll those puffy eyes and bloated skin away. Best when chilled, the maisey ice roller works to firm and tighten and loose or puffy skin. Maisey also reduces any noticeable fine lines, shrinks pores, and helps with inflamed and red skin.

Personally, I love to use this tool first thing in the morning since I tend to wake up with puffy, inflamed skin, especially in the winter when I haven’t moisturized the night before. There's an immediate difference in not just the way my skin looks, but the way I feel, first thing in the morning. It’s honestly like a caffeine jolt, but for your face. Plus, who doesn’t love a nice facial massage first thing in the morning? Super versatile, you could also use this tool with any serums or creams you like to apply, for extra luxury and comfort. 

Face Cleansing Brush

Amber Face Cleansing Silicone Brush

Are you still paying bank for that really nice facial at the salon? By all means, treat yourself, but why not treat yourself every single day with Amber. Amber is my lifetime cleansing buddy since she really digs in deep into those pores and releases and past sweat, dirt and grime molecules that might be saturating my face the night before. The calming vibration accompanied with my favorite lavender scented facial scrub, it’s seriously a dream.

Face Cleansing Tool

Two types of bristles - thick and thin - this brush made of biodegradable silicone, is great for any gentle face cleanse. After a couple of minutes, I can genuinely feel the blood moving within my face, activating the re-growth of new skin cells, leaving a renewed and regenerated type feeling. Best of all, Amber is long-lasting and doesn’t break down on me. After continuous everyday use, this face cleansing brush is seriously a skincare ride or die. 

Personal Microdermabrasion Kit

Brooklyn Personal Microdermabrasion Kit 

For an in-depth facial treatment, we highly recommend the brooklyn personal microdermabrasion kit. Getting rid of any old acne scars, blackheads or any in-depth skin impurities, microdermabrasion from home is the easiest and most effective way to achieve healthy, glowing skin. What’s special about the Brooklyn kit is its various different skin suction tips, to help avoid any cross-contamination between microdermabrasion sessions and to exercise the tip most comfortable for you.

Powered by vacuum suction, the brooklyn kit helps to awaken blood cells, and stimulate new skin cell growth. Microdermabrasion, although might seem intimidating, is an inexpensive, at-home treatment to deep clean and extract impurities from pores. Waterproof, easy to clean, and high quality, at home microdermabrasion should not break the bank and the brooklyn kit helps you do that with ease. With fantastic product features such as deep clean, skin peel, blackhead and acne removal, brooklyn personal microdermabrasion kit is the way to go. 

Jade Roller

Serena Natural Stone Skin Roller 

Feel the calm with Serena, since she knows how to treat your skin with ultimate luxury. An absolute must for your 2021 skincare set, jade rollers are all the rage, and for a good reason too. Benefits such as increased blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, and even serum and cream application, stone rollers are here to stay. Serena herself is pretty unique since she comes in a gorgeous green or pretty pink color and has two separate rollers.

Jade Roller

The main one for overall face application and the smaller one for those annoying eye bags, to help decrease puffiness and increase blood circulation in the smaller spots that need it the most. Made of all natural stone, we like to use Serena with ultra-hydrating skincare products due to the in-depth coverage of the tool. Simply apply your favorite product and put the skin roller to work. Over time, there’s a visible increase in overall brightness and tightness of the skin as well as an overall hydrated look. 

Rolling Massger

Sage Rolling Massager

Another skin roller essential, sage is different from the rest. Not only does sage have all the same benefits as a traditional roller, its unique curvature allows for hand-holding comfort and the two rollers on the top contain rigid grooves, maximizing blood circulation. The double rolling heads on the tool make skin firmer, and less puffy from activities like travelling, daily chores, and lack of sleep. To use, dot the serum of choice around your face and put sage to work.

Let the grooves penetrate those stubborn scars, hard to reach dry areas, and thin fine lines, to kick facial blood circulation into motion. Travels comfortably, unlike electric rollers, make your travel buddy sage, by massaging at the gate to your next flight, or even on the plane. Daily use of the sage rolling massager results in higher absorption of expensive skincare, so you can really get bang for your buck and maximize those beloved beauty products. Walk into 2021 with firmer, and more plump skin. 

Blair Derma Roller

You’ve heard of the health benefits of acupuncture right? Well microneedling is basically acupuncture for your face. We don’t mean sticking needles in your face, but a way less extreme version of that, with a bunch of .25mm gliding across your face. Designed and highly recommended by estheticians, blair derma roller takes microneedling to your bedroom and your bathroom, right in the comfort of your home. This 2021 skincare essential is a handy dandy way to rejuvenate skin and get your inner radiant self to truly shine.

Derma Roller

Completely painless, blair actually feels kind of amazing when put to use. In fact, numerous studies on microneedling have proven benefits such as reduction in acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. The smaller needles penetrate skin safely and healthily to repair and restore any skin impurities and imperfections. With an anti-slip grip and cross-line needle arrangement, Blair derma roller will serve your skin the best for years on end. 

Dermaplaning tool
Belle LED Dermaplaning Tool 

Dermaplaning is what we are here for in 2021, and that means no peach fuzz, no unwanted hairs, or any other dry skin matter wanted this year. Waxing is painful and who wants razor cuts… not me. The Belle Dermaplaning tool is a small razor that helps trim eyebrows or remove any unwanted facial hair. With a built in LED light, there’s no excuse to not use belle, and you can groom with ease. Also, this tool is incredibly long-lasting since you can easily wipe the tool clean or run it under water and replace it whenever you might feel the need.

Belle also comes with 6 replacement heads, so no need to worry about investing in a new tool or seeking out replacement heads from your local drugstore. What’s special about Belle is that she comes with professional-grade Japanese stainless steel blades, so you know you’re treating your face with the best and prevent any potential knicks that other cheaper blades can cause. Dermaplaning is the best way to quickly remove any unwanted hairs, painlessly and with ease. 

Vibrating Face Roller

Ashlyn Scarlett 3-Piece Electric Stone Face Roller 

We all love manual face rollers, but sometimes we just need a tool that massages our faces with those luxurious vibrations accompanied with that natural stone feel. To my all-in-one peeps, who aren’t fans of stocking up on a bunch of skincare tools but are looking for the best of the best in one tool, Ashlyn has your back. Reap the benefits of all-natural stone vibrating face roller all while getting that battery powered, electric blood flow back.

Benefits include increased blood circulation, better application of skincare products, and ultimate skin revitalization. Sometimes, when we don’t feel like going all out with our skincare routines, I love to reach for this tool since it provides me that quick facial with all-natural stone, and provides me that electric jolt that I need to start my day. The repeated rolling combined with the vibration promotes plump and healthier feeling skin. Additionally, the small roller comes in super handy for those hard to reach crevices, especially around the eye area.