Why Body Balms Are Our Skincare Heroes

We keep saying that body balms are the BALM, but maybe it’s time we back this up with actual research and an explanation as to what they are, how you can use them, and why we love them. 

First things first -- what are balms?

It’s more than just a balm for your body. A natural body balm is like a waxy butter that you can use anywhere on your body that needs extra love and hydration. The waxy nature makes it non-sticky and non-greasy and allows the balm to absorb deep into your skin. You can also use it to highlight areas that feel a little dull (eyebrows, knees, elbows are a good example!). The best hydrating body balms are made with some sort of oil. Oils have a great property of being great for absorption and are commonly used in skincare for this reason.

What are the benefits of a body balm?

body balm benefits

Increasing Hydration - Body balms are really good for increasing hydration in certain areas or a good overall skin protectant. What do we mean by that? You can use them on certain areas a few times a day to bring your skin back to its usual hydration. Otherwise, you can apply a thin layer everywhere as part of your daily routine. 

Nurturing Dry Skin - Dry skin always needs a little more TLC and the body balm is the perfect solution. How, might you ask? Body balms are made of many hydrating oils to not only replenish your skin cells above the surface, but also penetrate to deeper levels to provide a more long term solution. 

Not Greasy - Lotions and body butters often leave you feeling sticky and wet for a few minutes after application (uncomfortable I know). Luckily for you, body balms instantly absorb into your skin and leaves your skin feeling silky instantly. No more waiting around for your products to dry before you put on a pair of jeans!

How to use a cleansing body balm?

A body balm in general is really easy to use and there aren’t crazy rules. Just make sure you are applying with clean fingers. We’d recommend a skincare spatula so you don’t dip dirty fingers into your body balm and can keep it as clean as possible.

We also recommend keeping the lid closed when you aren’t using it to retain freshness. 

Pro tip: place the body balm in a fridge to cool and tone your skin. The colder temperature will help with faster and deeper penetration. 

A commonly asked question is: Can I use body balm on face?

Most body balms are safe to be used on your skin, but confirm with the brand you choose -- ps: our Marigold Body Balm is safe to use anywhere. Body balms that are safe for your face are typically made with more natural ingredients and a calmer, less intense scent. So even if you don’t plan on using it on your face, we recommend buying a body balm that is safe for one. We recommend applying a light layer of the body balm underneath your eyes as an eye cream or as a moisturizer itself. 

Here are some use cases that you didn’t even know existed!


body balm uses


  1. Rashes - Body balms help provide additional moisture to rashes to help heal them. Apply generous amounts to rashes, like diaper rashes for children, to help them heal faster. 
  2. Shaving - We all know how bumpy shaving can make our skin. This is perfect to help on your face or body after a shave to get rid of the tingly feeling. 
  3. Pottery - Working with dry clay all day can dehydrate your skin overtime. Apply some of the balm in between pottery sessions to replenish your hands of its needed moisture.
  4. Swimming - Chlorine and other chemicals in the pool are notorious when it comes to healthy skin. Apply a light amount all over your body before you dive in as a protective layer on your skin. This will prevent all the harsh chemicals from penetrating into your skin and causing further damage.  
  5. Cuticles - Your cuticles are one of the most sensitive and dry-prone areas on your body. Give the areas around your fingernails a little more love and protect them from your daily tasks. 

Why do we love balm balms?

One reason we love them is that they have such a low barrier to entry! You don’t have to be a skincare aficionado to use them or see why they are so amazing. Anyone with skin can incorporate body balms into their daily routines and see the difference they make. The SelfCareKey body balm is also travel sized so you can fit it in your purse or pockets for on-the-go use. 

But our favorite reason why body balms are our year-round favs?

Many formulations are able to be 100% natural, meaning that no toxic chemicals or products will be going into your skin. Your skin is your largest organ which is why you should be more mindful of what you are putting on it. Your skincare routine directly affects your overall health, and by having a trusted balm you can put anywhere, you know you are in good hands. 

That’s why we tested numerous ingredients and formulations to create our Marigold Body Balm. We didn’t want something that would just work short term, but something that would help you reach your skin goals long term, in a natural way. 

What are the different body balms out there and how do they compare?


types of body balms


  • Body balm stick - A stick can be a nice way to apply body balms over small areas. It also helps in keeping your hands clean. We don’t generally like it since it doesn’t allow you to massage an extra that needs extra care. It's crazy what a nice gentle touch of fingers can do. Additionally, it is harder to use a body balm stick to a large area of skin. Also, they don’t last as long but if you need something quick while you are on the go, these are perfect. 
  • Natural Flower Oil-Based Body Balm - These are our personal favorites for two reasons: they smell good, and that flowers in themselves have healing powers. Flowers, as we all know, make great, delegate fragrances for you to comfortably wear all day without it being overwhelming. But something you might’ve not known was that most flowers also work to heal aspects of your health. For example, Marigold Skincare Benefits, include improve many skin conditions like inflammation and eczema. Fun fact - marigolds are also known as the "happiness flower". 
  • Jelly body balm - A fairly new variation of the body balm is a jelly body balm. This is meant to be a thinner and more gel-like version of a normal body balm. But these often are not natural and can have overpowering scents, meaning you can be limited on where you can apply them. Jellys, if you don’t buy the right one, can also be really sticky and uncomfortable under clothes as they take longer to sink into the skin.

The SelfCareKey Marigold Body Balm

We welcomed the Marigold Body Balm into our line a few months ago. It is a handcrafted, natural body balm, with the healing powers of calendula (marigold) oil and beeswax. This non-greasy, anti-inflammatory, gorgeous yellow balm, will repair your skin and restore natural glow.