Say Goodbye to Painful and Expensive Eyebrow Visits with our Eyebrow Hair Remover

Staying at home for long periods at a time? Has your eyebrow lady gotten too expensive, or have you just not found the one who can give your beautiful brows the love and careful treatment they deserve? At Self Care Key, our most loved Hazel Eyebrow Hair Remover, is here to help with those pesky hairs, and the best part is, you take full control of what your brows look like. 

Other than waxing, the most popular form of eyebrow care is known as threading - in which the hairs are removed by a quick and fine thread done by beauticians. Depending on who you visit and your pain tolerance, this entire experience can be incredibly painful and cause knicks and bleeding. If you’re used to the process we commend you, however, if you want to ease into getting your brows done or just want a tool for easy clean up, we highly recommend electric or manual hair care trimmers. Shop Now! 



This can all be avoided, including that $20 bill you worked so hard to earn, if you consider learning how to thread at home. At home threading can be done, and successes have been seen all over the internet. Whether you decide to learn from at home beauty guru over YouTube, or your eyebrow lady gives you a lesson, we suggest trying it out by all means. Who knows, you might have incredibly nimble fingers and a quick hand, however do remember that practice makes perfect. You might be able to find pretty cheap eyebrow threads from your local salon or even online, and after reading a few articles, and watching a couple of vids, threading might just be your new practice. Dermaplaning tools are also not a bad alternative. 

Question is - Is this safe? Yes and no, it depends on you! If you have a tolerance for pain, and are confident enough to take on the challenge, this could possibly be safer than other techniques such as at-home waxing. Our advice - seek a professional.  Again, if a professional is out of reach, and your eyebrows are looking like bigfoot’s best friend, then please try out safe, at home methods, such as electric and manual trimmers. Manual trimmers are slightly more painful, since you’re painstakingly plucking each puny hair by hand (whew, try and say that 3 times), but this might end up being a possible solution. 



Electric trimmers are proven to be much more painless, and easier to use. Shaping techniques include using small pieces of tape to help create a shape and covering any hairs you want to keep, as well as creating outlines with eyeliner or mascara. Once that’s done, make sure to brush out those babies and trim away.

How to Use Electric Eyebrow Trimmers

1. Use the razor around the edges of your eyebrows to get the edges cleaned.

2. Work your way in and closer to the edges to get the shape you want.

3. Clean the tip of your razor with a wipe.

4. Put lotion around your eyebrows to soothe the area.

Why do we prefer trimming over tweezing? It’s all about self care, which means we have a zero pain tolerance policy around here. Eyebrow trimming continuously leads to great results, without having the pain! Tweezing might give you a more professional look, but hey at least a trimmer can help with those stubborn upper lip or chin hairs right before a big night out. It’s all-in-one! Which is why I love to carry around my Hazel Mini Electric Eyebrow trimmer and use it after the gym or even during a heavy commute. It fits in the palm of my hand, looks like a lipstick, creates little to no mess, and best of all, it's painless.