Facial Mask Applicators are a thing and we are here for it

Introducing Peyton Facial Mask Silicone Brush  - the best way to apply your face masks or skin care products. Just wash your face, scoop the mask on the brush and apply. Notice excellent coverage, and a more luxurious feel with the brightly colored, silicone tip. 

Face masks and serums tend to be goopy and hard to deal with. Some even come with smells or stains that you don’t want all over your fingers and fingernails. Turmeric stained fingernails - no thank you! We definitely would not recommend using a makeup brush for masks and although your hands may be the easiest, we at Self Care Key want your face to feel the extra comfort of a silicone tip and eliminate use of your hands completely. 

Cleaning up is even easier! Just wash the tip when you're done, with soap and running water and let dry. Fall asleep or begin your day feeling fresh, without lingering fragrances and stains all over your hands.