Flower Power: The benefits of flower-based skincare

Flowers in skincare products are pretty common, and not the most unheard of ingredient, but their benefits are highly underrated. Sure, you can pick up a rose or lavender scented body lotion from your local bath and body works, but does it have anti-aging properties and powerful antioxidants and vitamins to help nourish and brighten skin? Probably not, since most scented products from commercial stores contain fragrances that can actually irritate and dry out your skin in the long run.

Flower and plant based facial oils are the best way to get those antioxidants and plant extracts straight from the source onto your skin. Whether you mix a few drops of that plant based bad boy into your favorite facial moisturizer, or apply it directly, you’ll be sure to reap those flower power properties that result in that beautiful glow. 


Rose is known for its intensive hydrating properties. No seriously, this flower is like a hydrant for your face, perfect for dry, stubborn skin that refuses to heal. Any broken veins, inflamed, or sunburnt skin calls for the calming rose extracts that can be found in our rose facial oil. Rose extract is also known to rejuvenate old skin cells, which helps minimize scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. 

rose skincare benefits

What rose products should I use?

For those with dry skin, a rose mist that can be used throughout the day during rough winters, or rose based balm or facial oil is best in taking advantage of those health benefits, but definitely access your skin type to understand what works for you. 


Patchouli is one of those unheard of flowers that in fact we should be talking more about. Stemming from the mint family, patchouli is known to act as an anti-inflammatory that is known to treat skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis. Patchouli doesn’t particularly smell “minty” or strong, and has a very mild scent that is found in many bath and body products such as candles, and perfumes. Working with pretty much any skin type, patchouli works to moisturize skin without an oily residue. Consider Patchouli facial oil for immediate hydration, powerful antioxidants, and anti-aging properties. 

How can I use Patchouli essential oils?

Add it to your bath, directly to skin, or a diffuser, Patchouli is incredibly safe to use and its light scent can promote feelings of clarity, lightness, and focus. Taking a bath with a few drops of patchouli can help ease any anxiety, as well as moisturize and hydrate dry skin. 

patchouli oil uses


If you’re familiar with our products at SCK, you might know that we’re big believers in our Marigold Body Balm. Known for its hydrating properties, this moisturizer is a life saver and comes in handy, travel-size container that comes in great use for emergency skincare needs. 

Marigold is a brightly colored flower that contains powerful antiseptic properties. Healing benefits are huge with this flower - from treating dry skin conditions to lowering inflammation, this power flower makes its spot permanently in our skincare drawers. 

Other than the balm, where else can I find Marigold?

We’re so excited to share our Marigold Cleansing Mask - easy to use, lightweight, and travel friendly, our marigold cleansing powder contains the powerful ingredients of dried calendula, soothing oats and chamomile, and kaolin clay. Looking for a natural DIY skin toner? Soak a few marigold flowers in warm water, filter, and apply. The antiseptic and healing properties of marigold will have your face thanking you. See clearer skin with Marigold. 

marigold cleansing powder


We can’t forget about the classic lavender. A sweet smelling flower, lavender can be found in everything these days from basic bath bombs and body lotions to quirky ice cream shops. Lavender is proven to help skin in several ways, from reducing acne, to lightening skin, this gorgeous plant is here to stay. Perfect for those with oily-prone skin, lavender is naturally antibacterial, perfect for calming and preventing painful breakouts. 

Which lavender product should I get?

Straight from the source of course. Pick a few lavender petals or grab a lavender plant at your nearest nursery and throw it in your bath or your skincare. Create a powder with it for even more absorption, or throw it in your tea for its internal healing benefits. Over the counter products might be your go-to, but we highly believe in sticking to the roots, quite literally. Lavender essential oils and products with a couple of natural ingredients are your best bet!

We love our flowers, especially in our skincare. Known for their powerful antioxidants and natural healing properties, these flowers are not just pretty to look at, but they help bring out our best when it comes to skincare. These flower based oils are carefully combined with essential plant based oils such as jojoba and geranium, to provide the perfect blend for your skin. Hydration and balance is key, and is completely achievable with the right amount of flower power!