Rose Water Benefits for Skin - Flower Power for Skincare

Personal Intro/Anecdote

When it comes to skincare, I love to keep my routine simple, with all natural products. Recently I’ve been obsessed with rose water. Rose Water is my new best friend since it’s actually insane how often I pick up my rose spritzer over other products such as setting spray, leave-in conditioner, and even moisturizer. Personally, I find the most use in applying rose water on my skin after showering, since I’ve seen a significant decrease in overall redness and dryness. This had me thinking, roses, gifted to us by mother nature aren’t just for mother’s day, but have many benefits when it comes to skincare. Read further to learn all about this power flower and its amazing benefits.

rose skincare benefits

Benefits of Rose Water

No more oily skin - Rose Water has many benefits for those with oily skin. It is great in removing any excess oils from the face and maintaining pH levels. Believe it or not, even those with oily or combination skin need moisturizing as much as dry skin folks. Rose Water is optimal for all skin types, but it specifically helps to hydrate and moisturize skin, opposed to bringing out the skin’s natural oils. 

Soothes redness - Rose Water is good for your skin, especially for those with itchy and irritated skin. Rose Water helps to cool down any skin inflammation that could be occurring at the time. This is why Rose Water is highly recommended for those with eczema and painful acne, as it can immediately bring a cooling sensation and prevent further inflammation and redness.  

rose water benefits

Antioxidant rich -  Eat your antioxidants, but apply them too! We all know that healthy skin begins from the inside, and the more antioxidants you consume the healthier your skin. When you’re in need of an antioxidant boost however, Rose Water is perfect. Antioxidants help skin to repair itself by healing broken skin cells and replacing them with rejuvenated skin tissues, resulting in visible reduction in fine lines, smaller pores, and overall youthful skin. 

Antiseptic properties - Rose Water contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, aiding in the healing and soothing of cuts, bruises, scars, and wounds. It’s quite rich in flavonoids, and essential vitamins to help skin regenerate quickly. Not to mention, it’s soothing scent and cooling effects will help in pain reduction by quickly calming any tense nerves. 

Promotes relaxation - For those insomniacs out there, chamomile tea has met its best match: Rose Water. Rose Water is good for your face and your mental state. A few spritzes on your pillow promote feelings of relaxation and rids any feelings of anxiety, contributing to emotional well-being, thus helping you feel more relaxed and refreshed the next morning. 

rose water benefits

Multi-use product - Consider this all-in-one, jack of all trades, powerful rose concoction, to help you get through pretty much any beauty emergency. A great hair conditioner, scalp mask, setting spray, toner, and dark circle remover, you’ll soon see Rose Water replace your entire skincare cabinet. 

There are so many Rose Water benefits for dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. If you're looking for a skincare product that prevents inflammation, provides vitamins and antioxidants, and promotes feelings of relaxation, then Rose Water is definitely for you!