Skincare Fridges are the next best thing, and no they’re not for food

We all know about fridges to help keep our cold cuts and veggies nice and fresh but have you ever opened up your sister or roommate’s fridge to see not a cream cheese container but a lotion container? Weird right? Welcome to the newest in skincare - skincare fridges. Yep. Fridges dedicated entirely to skincare that help keep your skin serums, creams, and products nice and cold for your skin. Skincare and makeup fridges are generally small - about the size of a large sized shoebox and are meant for your products that are close to expiration or work more efficiently, refrigerated. 

You might be asking yourself - “Why do I need a tiny fridge dedicated to skincare?” but if you frequent stores such as Lush and tend to buy beauty perishable beauty products or create homemade food masks, trust us, you’ll need a skincare fridge. We at SCK also recommend throwing your beloved Serena Natural Stone Skin Roller in there as well. 

What benefits do I receive from my skincare investment?

That’s exactly it. An investment in your skin. Not to mention extremely aesthetic. Real benefits however include: extending product shelf life, preventing bacteria from growing in any products lacking preservatives, and reducing redness and puffiness in skin. 

Story time! 

I bought a skincare fridge just to be in with the trend of skincare, but it actually proved extremely useful. I put my usual Peyton Facial Mask Silicone Brushes in there and gently placed my Valentina Gua Sha Stone on the shelf but I also found myself throwing in a bunch of homemade skin masks. My normal, non-skincare fridge routine was to use up my entire mask or waste any extras (just incase my mom threw it out of the kitchen fridge) and I was never consistent with my masks. Seeing my skincare fridge everyday and opening it at night, I immediately see my homemade masks and have gotten much more consistent and routine about it. 

Henley has my back

I live by the Henley Skincare Fridge since it’s cute and trendy but also fits in my tiny closet of a room. It comes with a little insert for any smaller products while you can fit entire bottles on the bottom of the fridge. Most fridges fall into the triple digits, but SCK provides one to you for $89. Not bad - but I’ve had this fridge for about 6 months and it was well worth the investment. Puffy skin no more, consistency in face mask and cool product application - Henley has my back. 

Great I bought one: Now what?

Yaaas! Welcome to the skincare trend! You just unlocked a new milestone into the world of healthy, glowing skin. Place homemade masks made with food or biodegradable ingredients in your new fridge, or creams or serums you want on your skin. Perfect for the hot summer months, trust us, once you try your Aveeno everyday body lotion cold you’ll never go back. 

I’m still not convinced…

It’s cool. Skincare fridges are definitely an investment but before you get there, try throwing the products you use in your fridge. You’ll notice how a cool serum will feel so luxurious on your skin, brighten and tighten your pores over time, and drastically reduce redness and puffiness. If you’re past this step and ready for the next step in skincare investment consider the Henley skincare fridge.