Self Care should be a priority.

At SelfCareKey, we understand that and want to spread the word. In this online store, we have compiled the best of self care products on the market. 

To us, nothing is more important than inspiring self love. We want to bring back the minimalist lifestyles at fair prices to change the way you think about living a happy, healthy life. 

We know online shopping can be hard - and that is why we set out to make a seamless process for finding products for reasonable prices. We do all the hard work for you so you can rest assured you will get high quality.

Our Story 

Everyone knows the struggle of the everyday rat race.
It is competitive, exhausting, and sometimes unfulfilling. This was no different for the founder, Geetanjali Jain, as she raced through work and life juggling many priorities at once. 

After an unplugged 14 day camping trip in Yellowstone National Park a few years ago, she decided to make more time for herself. She turned to relaxation and self care. Through this process, she learned a lot about herself and what worked best for her through this journey. 

Growing up, she always felt pressured to wear makeup and heavily relied on it to hide insecurities. But after extensive research, she came across skincare tools and products that helped her feel more confident without makeup. And so, she founded SelfCareKey in March 2019 to spread the word about self care and promote the message that everyone should take time for themselves.

In this online store, she has gathered all the products and tips she learned and wants to share with other people like her who want to unlock self care as well! 


We all know how important self care can be, but we seldom make it a priority. At SelfCareKey, we want you to elevate your relationship with yourself to produce positive feelings and boosts your confidence.

Our products help us relax and rewind and we hope they will for you as well!

Our Products

We are driven by a mindset of providing the best shopping experience and the best customer service. We source high quality materials at reasonable prices.

We also try to make sure our products remain free of animal cruelty and are sustainable. 

Our Commitment

We know you are busy. We know you want the best. That’s why we promise to source natural and high quality products for our store. We are on a mission to deliver high levels of dedication and support to our customers. 

All you have to do is to promise to use them during relaxing moments of self care.